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How to make an edible salad tote

Picnic idea: transform a pita into an edible salad tote

Edible containers are the next big trend.  Jelloware glasses, edible paper muffin liners, and now . . . pita used as a tote that you can really sink your teeth into.  It’s a fusion of bread, fashion, green chic, and more than a little boredom.

Using any bread recipe, spread or roll dough out into circles about 6 inches round and not more than 1/4 inch thick.  Or make your pita in any shape you want.  Why do things always have to be round?  When you bake pita bread, use a hot oven, say 400 to 425 degrees.  Makes for puffier pitas.  Bake time varies, but my gluten free pitas spend between 8-12 minutes in the oven.  After letting pita cool completely, carve out a handle and fill as desired.  Wonder if I should discuss pita totes at the next bread class on July 8 . . .

Side salad coin purse to go with pita tote

Nothing says stuff it like pita, of course.  NO IDEA why the tote above is empty. Obviously, it should have been filled with Chicken Tinga Chili.  Am I right?!

Today’s Let’s Lunch on twitter features fusion dishes to celebrate the release of Ellise Pierce’s book Cowgirl Chef: Texas Cooking with a French Accent, y’all.  Take a look at the delicious posts rounded up by host Cheryl Tan from A  Tiger in the Kitchen.

Anastasia‘s Miso Salmon with Mango Salsa at In Foodie Fashion

Cathy‘s Bacon-Studded Polenta With Tomato Gravy at ShowFood Chef

Charissa‘s Gluten-Free Azuki Bean Bundt Cake at Zest Bakery

Eleanor‘s Wok Picadillo at Wok Star

Ellise‘s Salty Lime Sablés (Margarita Cookies) at Cowgirl Chef

Emma‘s Kimchi Bulgogi Nachos at Dreaming of Pots And Pans

Felicia‘s Mexican-Lebanese Hummus at Burnt-Out Baker

Grace‘s Taiwanese Fried Chicken at HapaMama

Jill‘s Southern Pimento-Stuffed Knishes at Eating My Words

Joe‘s Grilled KimCheese Sandwich at Joe Yonan

Karen‘s Ukrainian-German Cabbage Rolls at GeoFooding

Leigh‘s Venezuelan-Italian Cachapas Con Queso at Leigh Nannini

Linda‘s Project Runway Pelau: Rice & Beans Trinidad-Style at Spicebox Travels

Lisa‘s Sunday Night Jewish-Chinese Brisket at Monday Morning Cooking Club

Lucy‘s Coconut Rice Pudding with Mango at A Cook And Her Books

Maria‘s Spanish Shrimp with Bacon, Cheddar & Chive Grits at Maria’s Good Things

Nancie‘s Chili-Cheese Biscuits with Avocado Butter at Nancie McDermott

Patricia‘s Buttery Tofu, Pasta & Peas at The Asian Grandmother’s Cookbook

Patrick‘s Kimchi Jigae and British Mash at Patrick G. Lee

Rashda‘s Mango Cobbler at Hot Curries & Cold Beer

Renee‘s Asian-Spiced Quick Pickles at My Kitchen And I

Steff‘s Chicken Fried Steak at The Kitchen Trials

Vivian‘s Funky Fusion Linguini at Vivian Pei

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  1. those are so cute! My 7 year old niece would adore one in her lunchbox!

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  7. How adorable! I have some storebought pitas that I’m going to carve up today!

  8. These are the cutest little things ever! Another reason to have a little girl, so she can take these to lunch with her. Well, maybe since my boy is only two he won’t mind taking these to daycare with him 🙂

  9. Adorable! I love the salad tote! I see a whole new trend…a chain of restaurants! Across the U.S.! Thank you so much for the post!

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